Williams Uchemba suffers spiritual attack over “giving”.

Williams Uchemba has revealed that ever since he started his #givechallenge campaign, he and his team have been facing some attacks over their actions to help the poor and needy.

Williams Uchemba suffers spiritual attack

He revealed that his family members were exempted.

He explained that ever since he started the campaign, he has been under severe attack from forces that are not happy with his movement.

The concerned actor is interested in knowing why some people are sad that he wants to help those in need. He’s not the only one under the attack, but members of his a family too.

He insists that he’s not going to stop this campaign, but he’s going back to the street to offer more help to those who are in need of it.

Williams Uchemba suffers spiritual attack

Here is what he shared:

“Ever since I started the #givechallenge I’ve been under serious attack (both spiritually and otherwise) apparently some forces are not happy with what we are doing, they’ve been attacking my family members and even that of my team members.”

“It’s still not clear to me why some people hate it when you try to help others but one thing I’ve come to understand is that the devil is not interested in what God is not interested in.”

“The past 9 days has been war but I’m glad to inform you that we got the victory.It was Gods instruction to carry out the #givechallenge so if they want to stop it then they have to stop God first, but as for me I’M GOING BACK INTO THE STREETS TO GET MORE PEOPLE OFF THE STREET TODAY..let’s keep putting smiles on people’s faces. #givechallenge WHO IS STILL WITH ME??”

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