!5 Years Old Boy whose Mother,brother 11,and sister 5 were found murdered fears he’s Next

Boy, 15, whose mother, brother, 11, and sister, 5, were found murdered fears he is next

Shanta Myers, 36, (top right) was killed on Tuesday, Dec 26, alongside her lesbian partner Brandi Wells, 22, (top left) and two of her kids Jeremiah, 11, and Shanise, 5. Now, her remaining child, Isaiah Smith, 15, fears the killer will come after him next.

Isaiah who lost his mother, his brother, and sister in a mass murder that shocked veteran officers (read here), fears for his safety and is even “scared to go to the corner store”.

Shakera Symes, Shanta Myers’ sister, took Isaiah in when his mother and siblings moved into Brandi Wells’ basement apartment after the family was evicted from their home in New Jersey. That meant he wasn’t with his family when they were killed, hence he escaped death. But he told Times Union he fears he may not be alive for much longer.

Isaiah, Symes, Myers’ nephew Khalif Coleman and Symes’ husband Alphonso Dukes spoke with reporters at the Troy Boys & Girls Club on Thursday evening. Isaiah said he was at a basketball tournament when he got word that his family was slaughtered.

Boy, 15, whose mother, brother, 11, and sister, 5, were found murdered fears he is next

“I’m scared to go to the corner store,” he said. “I’m not sure if they’re coming for me next.”

“My sister was supposed to be with me and her children, all three of them, for Christmas and I got robbed of that opportunity,” Symes said tearfully.

She added: “They were home, safe in their house. Understand how important the safety of your house is. It’s about the answers that we deserve and we need.”

Myers, her children, and her lesbian partner were found with their throats slashed and their hands bound behind their backs in their tiny basement apartment in Troy, NY, near Albany at about 12:50 p.m. Tuesday. They were found by the property manager Whitten called police.

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